19 April – 18 June 2011

What do the objects you own mean to you?

Over an eight week period, Oriel Myrddin Gallery invites four artists; Carwyn Evans, Peter Finnemore,

Becky Adams and Jools Johnson to occupy the gallery space with special objects that evoke intruiging stories.

Using objects both personal and particular and a spirit of experiment and happen-stance, each of this artist-led series will develop differently. Visitors and community groups will engage with each of the stages in order to explore the stories, history, memory and associations of objects.


Monday, 18 April 2011

Project Object begins...

'Materials and process' are of great interest to us here at Oriel Myrddin Gallery, we show fine art, craft and design, but we are particularly focussed on the place where all these disciplines of making and creating outgrow their pigeon-holes and begin to have a conversation. The 'object' is the common outcome of these disciplines, the culmination of an idea materialised. Project Object is something of an adventure in the hands of four artists who have been given the gallery space over an eight week period to experiment with their ideas of the object from their personal perspectives; this blog is a document of their progress.

Whilst things are happening, unfolding and changing in the main gallery, we will be using the upstairs studio space to have a conversation with our visitors about their ideas of objects. We felt that the 'museum' would be an interesting place to begin, a place where the object is venerated and contextualised to encapsulate all sorts of ideas about preciousness, personal narrative and social commentary. Carmarthen Museum have very kindly loaned us a few gems from their collection to kick-start the process and these will be on display in the studio from 7 May. Alongside these pieces, we are asking you to lend us a special object of your own to show in the same space and to tell us a little bit about why that thing is important to you. We'll feature some of them here on the blog as they arrive in the gallery. Here is a link for more information about Project Object: Collect.

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