19 April – 18 June 2011

What do the objects you own mean to you?

Over an eight week period, Oriel Myrddin Gallery invites four artists; Carwyn Evans, Peter Finnemore,

Becky Adams and Jools Johnson to occupy the gallery space with special objects that evoke intruiging stories.

Using objects both personal and particular and a spirit of experiment and happen-stance, each of this artist-led series will develop differently. Visitors and community groups will engage with each of the stages in order to explore the stories, history, memory and associations of objects.


Sunday, 15 May 2011

Naming names...

Gallery Manager, Meg Anthony's very precious and much 
loved home-made teddy, Nu Nu

Here are the objects brought in for Project Object: Collect by some of the Oriel Myrddin Gallery staff.

Artist, Louise Bird is one of the desk staff at the gallery - this original
commemorative moon-landing mug reflects her fascination with all
things cosmic!

This scythe belongs to Carmarthenshire County Council
Arts Development Officer, Phil Alder, a reminder of days
small holding...hmmm...we're hoping Phil's not trying to
tell us something sinister about funding cuts...!
The little horse was brought in by Artist, Osi Rhys Osmond

Chris Ozzard is a poet as well as working for the gallery, 
this charming little small press publication is from 
1960 New York.

This is my favourite teapot. I acquired it at a church jumble sale in about
1982 - I had to ruthlessly fight an old lady for it! Victory was MINE!

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